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Drink and Drive - Taxi 1 Plovdiv

Drink and Drive

Tariffs for Drink & Drive in Plovdiv with Taxi 1

Tariff - BGN 2.50 per 1 km

First tax - 5.00 BGN

Stay - BGN 0.30 per minute

Approximate price from the center of Plovdiv to:

  • Markovo - 40 BGN
  • Belashtitza - 40 BGN
  • Brestnik - 40 BGN

Minimum tariff for Plovdiv - BGN 20




What is Drink and Drive service?

The service Drink and Drive is done by professional drivers, which are going to drive you safely to your home or somewhere else, if you have been drinking!

We say: You drink - we drive!

Very comfortable service if you go out with your car and after you deside to get a drink.

Why to choose to call a professional driver?

Usually, because of your car, you cant enjoy like the others!

This is not necessary anymore! End the worries of how you are going to get home. There is no need to risk, no need to risk!

We take care of driving you and your car to the destination you want safely and problemless.

We have experienced drivers and there is nothing to worry about! This is the service Drink & Drive. We provide professional drivers so you can enjiy your time as its supposed to be.

What you have to do?

You only need to call us and tell us and tell your location and the place  you want to go. Just tell us the kind of your car and the time you want to pick you up. We will be there right on time!

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